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Test for mold and mildew as well as a variety of airborne allergens with our convienent home test kit.

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Examinair® , founded in 2005, was the first professional “DIY” residential mold test kit.

The air quality pump in the test kit was originally designed by Environmental Monitoring Systems Inc. (EMS) in Charleston, South Carolina. It provided the opportunity to sample air quality with a small battery-operated pump. This pump design made it possible to create the Examinair® test kit that could be sent out to consumers and professionals to easily sample air quality in any location.

EMS then formed a partnership with My Healthy Home, LLC in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey in 2006. They collaborated to distribute and market the Examinair® test kit nationally to residential consumers and professionals. This relationship continued until 2018, when the Examinair® professional mold and allergen test kit was acquired by My Healthy Home LLC.

At this time, the Examinair® was re-designed and improved to include more testing options. The new version offers consumers advanced ability to test for mold, allergens, particulates, dander, dust mites, building products as well as purchase professional consultations to interpret results. The Examinair® is recommended by physicians as a solution for evaluating homes for allergens and mold.

It has been featured on SiriusXM, Martha Stewart, CBS Los Angeles, NYU Langone Health, The Jenny McCarthy Show, AARP, Shape Magazine, Good Housekeeping, Business of Home, Reader’s Digest, House Smarts TV as well as many national news, podcasts, and television programs. It is the oldest and most recognized mold and allergen test kit available to homeowners. Examinair® professional mold and allergen test kit is sold nationally to consumers and offered by physicians as a diagnostic tool. This indoor air quality home test kit is Green America certified for sustainability.

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